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Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club


Tseleevo Winter Open 2017

Tseleevo Winter Open

25 февраля в «Целеево Гольф и Поло Клубе» прошло одно из важнейших спортивных событий зимнего сезона – Tseleevo Winter Open – «день четырёх турниров».


Специальное предложение!

Горнолыжный Клуб Целеево

«Горнолыжный Клуб Целеево» предлагает вам абонемент буднего дня по специальной цене + два месяца в подарок.


Sunday Member's Cup

Горнолыжный Клуб Целеево

Каждое воскресенье зимнего сезона приглашаем Членов «Горнолыжного Клуба Целеево» принять участие в зимней клубной лиге Sunday Member's Cup.


Лучшее гольф-поле России!

World Golf Awards

«Целеево Гольф и Поло Клуб» стал победителем в номинации
«Лучшее гольф-поле России 2016» по версии World Golf Awards.


Зимнее предложение

«All inclusive» (Villа Alpes & Chalet)

Клуб Целеево предлагает вам проживание в Гостевом Доме и шале по программе «All inclusive».


Абонемент буднего дня

Горнолыжный Клуб Целеево

Воспользуйтесь специальным предложением на приобретение абонемента буднего дня, включающего неограниченный ски-пасс с декабря по март 2017 по цене перелёта в Альпы!


Зимнее членство в «Горнолыжном Клубе Целеево»

Горнолыжный Клуб Целеево

«Горнолыжный Клуб Целеево» предлагает вашему вниманию различные виды годового клубного членства.



Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

We offer you three types of residences ranging from 410 to 480 sq.m.

Warm and cozy houses are made in the style of Stalin dacha cottages: their rooms are spacious and solemn, but at the same time they are in complete harmony with nature.

Houses are located on the territory ranging from 17 to 27 hectares. Sites are separated by the low wooden fence: it allows a clear distinction between the territory, but at the same time visually divides a single architectural ensemble of buildings. Next to each house there is a comfortable parking for two cars and two golf carts.

House Type 1, (Square of the house - 410 m2)

After entering the house you'll find yourself in a hall with walk-in closet. From here you can walk into a spacious and bright living room with fireplace, and further, to an open terrace where you will definitely enjoy your time when the weather is warm. There is a dining room and kitchen nearby.

Cozy room on the first floor with separate entrance from the street may become a guest bedroom, bathroom of attendants, or your office.

On the second floor are located three bedroom cottage with personal closets and bathrooms. In one of the bedrooms provides a balcony with spectacular views over the surrounding forests and fields.

House type 2, (Square of the house 430 m2)

Entering the house, you will get into an inviting lobby with a walk-in closet, and from there to a central hall with a grand staircase leading to the second floor. The hall opens suite guest rooms: a spacious living room, adjacent to the cabinet then a fireplace, a dining room with adjoining terrace and a glazed kitchen.

Guest bedroom, preliminary located on the first floor, can be easily converted into a room attendants on your wish.

There are two additional entrances to the house: the first one lies from the kitchen through the utility room, the other - in the guest bedroom that will allow your guests to feel comfortable.

On the second floor of the cottage four bedrooms with a private wardrobes and bathrooms are located. From each bedroom you can go to the balcony, overlooking the picturesque landscapes of Tseleevo.

House Type 3, (Square of the House is 480 m2)

Entering through the main entrance and passing through the lobby with a walk-in closet, you'll find yourself in the central hall. From here you can get into other rooms of the house: to pass into a spacious living room with fireplace, and on-the office, look in the dining room with adjoining terrace and a kitchen.

Here, on the first floor, in the room with a separate entrance from the street, you can accommodate your guests or, at your request, this room can be converted into a room of your attendants.

Coming back to the central hall, you climb the front stairs to the second floor. There are three bedrooms with personal bathrooms and closets. Each bedroom provides a large balcony. Enjoy a panoramic view of the entire surrounding area: there are large course in the northeast, the forest on the north-western side and south-east and south-west-fiction landscape of golf courses and the building of the Academy of Golf.